1600 Pennsylvania is considered a Broadway flop, as it only ran for 7 performances. This show was the last original score for Leonard Bernstein.


As performed on Broadway

Act 1

  • "Overture" - Orchestra
  • "Rehearse!" - The President, the First Lady, Lud, Seena, Company
  • "If I Was a Dove" - Little Lud
  • "On Ten Square Miles by the Potomac River" - Washington, Delegates
  • "Welcome Home Miz Adams" - Henry, Rachel, Staff
  • "Take Care of This House" - John and Abigail Adams, Little Lud, Staff
  • "The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon Party March" - Jefferson, Little Lud, Guests
  • "Seena" - Lud
  • "Sonatina (The British)" - Admiral Cockburn, Officers, Citizens
  • "Lud's Wife" -
  • "I Love My Wife" - Lud, Seena, Staff
  • "Auctions" - Auctioneer, Buyers
  • "The Little White Lie" James, Eliza Monroe
  • "We Must Have a Ball" - Buchanan
  • "The Ball" - Company

Act 2

  • "Entr'acte" - Orchestra
  • "Forty Acres and a Mule" - Staff
  • "Bright and Black" - Seena, Staff
  • "Duet for One (First Lady of the Land)" - Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, Company
  • "The Robber Baron Minstrel Parade" - The Minstrels
  • "Pity The Poor" - The Minstrels
  • "The Red, White and Blues" - The Minstrels
  • "I Love This Land" - The President
  • "Rehearse!" - Company

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