A Bronx Tale tells the story of Calogero Anello, a young boy from a working class family, who gets involved in a world of organized crime.


  • "Belmont Avenue" -Calogero, Ensemble
  • "Look to Your Heart" -Lorenzo, Young Calogero
  • "Roll 'Em" -Sonny, Young Calogero, Ensemble
  • "I Like It" -Young Calogero, Ensemble
  • "Giving Back the Money" -Lorenzo, Young Calogero, Rosina, Sonny
  • "I Like It" (Reprise) -Calogero, Young Calogero, Sonny, Ensemble
  • "Ain't It The Truth" -Calogero, Handsome Nick, Crazy Mario, Sally Slick
  • "Out of Your Head" -Calogero, Jane, Ensemble
  • "Nicky Machiavelli" -Sonny, Ensemble
  • "These Streets" -Lorenzo, Sonny, Rosina, Ensemble

Act 2

  • "Webster Avenue" -Jane, Calogero, Tyrone, Jesse, Denise, Frieda
  • "Out of Your Head" (Reprise) -Jane
  • "One of the Great Ones" -Sonny
  • "Ain't It The Truth" (Reprise) -Tyrone, Jesse
  • "Look to Your Heart" (Reprise) -Rosina
  • "One of the Great Ones" (Reprise) -Calogero
  • "Hurt Someone" -Company
  • "In A World Like This" -Calogero, Jane, Ensemble
  • "The Choices We Make" -Company


Character Current Broadway Cast
Sonny Nick Cordero
Lorenzo Richard H. Blake
Calogero Bobby Conte Thornton
Jane Ariana DeBose
Rosina Lucia Giannetta
Tyrone Bradley Gibson
Young Calogero Hudson Loverro

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