The Color Purple is a musical based off the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker. It follows the story of Celie, an African-American woman in the South from the mid-20th century.


Act 1

  • "Overture" -Orchestra
  • "Huckleberry Pie" / "Mysterious Ways" -Young Celie, Young Nettie / Celie, Nettie, Ensemble
  • "Somebody Gonna Love You" -Celie
  • "Our Prayer" -Nettie, Celie, Mister, Doris, Darlene, Jarene, Pa
  • "That Fine Mister" -Doris, Darelene, Jarene
  • "Big Dog" -Mister, Celie, Young Harpo, Mister's Daughters, Male Ensemble
  • "Lily of the Field" -Celie, Nettie, Mister
  • "Dear God - Sofia" -Celie
  • "A Tree Named Sofia" -Doris, Darlene, Jarene
  • "Hell No!" -Sofia, Celie, Female Ensemble
  • "Brown Betty" -Harpo, Squeak, Celie, Male Ensemble
  • "Shug Avery Comin' to Town" -Mister, Celie, Ensemble
  • "All We've Got to Say" -Doris, Darlene, Jarene
  • "Dear God - Shug" -Celie, Shug
  • "Too Beautiful for Words" -Shug
  • "Push Da Button" -Shug, Harpo, Ensemble
  • "Uh-Oh!" -Sofia, Squeak, Celie, Buster, Female Ensemble
  • "What About Love?" -Celie, Shug
  • "Act 1 Finale" -Orchestra, Shug, Celie, Nettie

Act 2

  • "African Homeland" -Nettie, Celie, Young Adam, Young Olivia, Ensemble
  • "The Color Purple" -Shug, Celie
  • "Church Ladies' Easter" -Doris, Darlene, Jarene
  • "I Curse You Mister" -Celie, Mister
  • "Mister's Song - Celie's Curse" -Mister
  • "Miss Celie's Pants" -Celie, Shug, Sofia, Female Ensemble
  • "Any Little Thing" -Harpo, Sofia
  • "What About Love?" (Reprise) -Celie, Shug
  • "I'm Here" -Celie
  • "The Color Purple" (Reprise) -Celie, Company


Character 2005


2007 U.S.


2010 U.S.


2013 Off-West





Celie LaChanze Jeannette Bayardelle Kenita R. Miller Cynthia Erivo
Shug Avery Elisabeth Withers Michele Williams Angela Robinson Nicola Hughes Jennifer Hudson
Sofia Felicia P. Fields Sophia Nomvete Danielle Brooks
Mister/Albert Kingsley Leggs Rufus Bonds Jr. Christopher Colquhoun Isaiah Johnson
Harpo Brandon Victor Dixon Stu James Adebayo Bolaji Kyle Scatliffe
Nettie Renee Elise Goldsberry LaTonya London Abiona Omonua Joaquina Kalukango

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