Kinky Boots, based on the 2005 British film, follows the true story of Charlie Price. Charlie Price inherits a shoe factory from his father and forms an unlikely partnership cabaret performer and drag Queen Lola to produce a line of high-heeled boots and save his business.


Act 1

  • "Price & Son Theme/The Most Beautiful Thing" -Mr. Price, Young Charlie, Young Simon/Lola, Nicola, Charlie, Company
  • "Take What You Got" -Henry, Charlie, Club Patrons
  • "Land of Lola" -Lola, Angels
  • "Land of Lola" (Reprise) -Lola, Angels
  • "Charlie's Soliloquy" -Charlie
  • "Step One" -Charlie
  • "Sex is in the Heel" -Lola, Pat, George, Angels, Lauren, Charlie, Factory Workers,
  • "The History of Wrong Guys" -Lauren
  • "Not My Father's Son" -Charlie, Lola, Lauren, Angels, Factory Workers

Act 2

  • "Price & Son Theme" (Reprise) -Company
  • "What a Woman Wants" -Lola, Pat, Don, George, Ladies of the Factory
  • "In This Corner" -Lola, Don, Pat, Trish, Angels, Factory Workers
  • "Charlie's Soliloquy" (Reprise) -Charlie
  • "Soul of a Man" -Charlie
  • "Hold Me in Your Heart" -Lola
  • "The History of Wrong Guys" (Reprise) -Lauren
  • "Raise You Up/Just Be" -Company


Original Cast

Character Original




U.S. Tour



West End


Charlie Price Stark Sands Steven Booth Killian Donnelly
Lola Billy Porter Kyle Taylor Parker Matt Henry
Lauren Annaleigh Ashford Lindsay Nicole Chambers Amy Lennox
Nicola Lena Hall Grace Stockdale Amy Rose
Harry Andy Kelso Mike Longo Paul Ayres
Mr. Price Stephen Berger David McDonald Alan Vicary
Simon Sr. Eugene Barry-Hill Horace V. Rogers Robert Grose
Don Daniel Sherman Joe Coots Jamie Baughan
George Marcs Neville Craig Waletzko Michael Hobbs
Pat Tory Ross Bonnie Milligan Chloe Hart
Trish Jennifer Perry Amelia Cormack Gillian Hardie
Richard Bailey John Jeffrey Martin Ross Lekites Michael Vinsen
Milan Stage Manager Adinah Alexander Anne Tolpegin Verity Quade
Maggie Caroline Bowman Blair Goldberg Sophie Isaacs
Angels Joseph Anthony Byrd,

Sam Dowling,

Ian Gallagher Fitzgerald,

JP Qualters,

Xavier Reyes

Sam Rohloff

Jeremy Batt,

Arun Blair-Mangat

Marcus Collins

Luke Jackson

Adam Lake

Javier Santos

Phil Town

Young Charlie Sebastian Hedges Thomas Anthony Picarello Beau Cripps

Ben Dawson

Edward Green

Young Lola Young Lola Andrew Theo Johnson Nana Agyeman-Bediako

James Gava

Tumo Reetsang

Current Cast

Character Current




U.S. Tour



West End


Charlie Price Killian Donnelly Curt Hansen David Hunter
Lola J. Harrison Ghee Timothy Ware Matt Henry
Lauren Taylor Louderman Rose Hemingway Elena Skye
Nicola Shannon O'Boyle Katerina Papacostas Cordelia Farnworth
Harry Ross Lekites Dan Tracy Paul Ayres
Mr. Price Stephen Berger Tom Souhrada Alan Vicary
Simon Sr. Eugene Barry-Hill Gavin Gregory Robert Grose
Don Daniel Stewart Sherman Aaron Walpole Alan Mehdizadeh
George Marcus Neville Jim J. Bullock Michael Hobbs
Pat Natalie Joy Johnson Madge Dietrich Chloe Hart
Trish Jennifer Perry Tami Dahbura Melissa Jacques
Richard Bailey John Jeffrey Martin Ciaran McCarthy Michael Vinsen
Milan Stage Manager Adinah Alexander Mary Mossberg Jane Milligan
Maggie Charlotte Jefferey
Angels Eric Lajuan Summers

Sean Patrick Doyle

Kevin Smith Kirkwood

Fred Odgaard

Kyle Post

Hernando Umana

Joseph Anthony Byrd

Tony Dalelio

John J. Dempsey

Ian Gallagher Fitzgerald

Xavier Reyes

Andy Richardson

Jemal Felix

George Grayson

Jon Reynolds

Ben Sell

Craig Thomas

Phil Town

Young Charlie Christopher Convery

Jake Katzman

Landon Maas

Jacob Morrell

Christopher Dixon

Jakub Kopec

Charlie McLellan

George Morgan

Young Lola Devin Trey Campbell

Jesus Del Orden

Sebastian Maynard-Palmer

Christian Mullins

Zephan Amissah

Mathew Fraser-Thomas

Tyrell Russell-Matthew

Jeremiah Waysome

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