The Phantom of the Opera is a musical based of Le Fantome de I'Opera by Gaston Leroux. The story follows Christine Daae, a soprano opera singer, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious disfigured musical genius living in a labyrinth beneath the Palais Garnier.



  • "Prologue (Monkey Music Box) -Old Raoul
  • "Overture" -Orchestra

Act 1

  • "A Rehearsal for Hannibal" -Carlotta, Piangi, Chorus/Ballet Girls
  • "Think of Me" (Intro) -Carlotta, Meg, Ballet Girls, Buquet
  • "Think of Me" -Christine, Raoul
  • "Angel of Music" -Meg, Christine
  • "Little Lotte" -Raoul, Christine
  • "The Mirror (Angel of Music)" -The Phantom, Christine, Raoul
  • "The Phantom of the Opera" -The Phantom, Christine
  • "The Music of the Night" (Intro) -The Phantom
  • "The Music of the Night" -The Phantom
  • "I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It" -Christine, The Phantom
  • "Magical Lasso" -Buquet, Madame Giry
  • "Notes" Firmin, Andre, Raoul, Carlotta, Madame Giry, Meg, Piangi, The Phantom
  • "Prima Donna" -Firmin, Andre, Raoul, Carlotta, Madame Giry, Meg, Piangi
  • "II Muto (Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh)" -Carlotta, Piangi, Ensemble, Meg
  • "II Muto (Ballet) -Orchestra
  • "Why Have You Brought Us Here?/Raoul, I've Been There" -Raoul, Christine
  • "All I Ask of You" -Raoul, Christine
  • "All I Ask of You" (Reprise) -Raoul, Christine, The Phantom

Act 2

  • "Entr'acte" -Orchestra
  • "Masquerade" (Intro) -Firmin, Andre
  • "Masquerade" -Full Company
  • "Why So Silent?" -The Phantom
  • "Notes II" -Firmin, Andre, Carlotta, Piangi, Raoul, Christine, Madame Giry, The Phantom
  • "We Have All Been Blind" -Raoul, Firmin, Andre, Madame Giry, Carlotta, Piangi
  • "Twisted Every Way" -Christine, Raoul
  • "A Rehearsal for Don Juan Triumphant" -Piangi, Carlotta, Reyer, Christine, Chorus
  • "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" -Christine
  • "Wandering Child (Angel of Music)" -The Phantom, Christine, Raoul
  • "Don Juan Triumphant" -Piangi, Carlotta, Christine, Ensemble
  • "Down Once More.../Track Down This Murderer" -The Phantom, Christine, Raoul, Company


Character Original

West End






Las Vegas


The Phantom Micheal Crawford Brent Barrett

Anthony Crivello

Christine Daae Sarah Brightman

Clair Moore

Sarah Brightman

Patti Cohenour

Sierra Boggess

Elizabeth Loyacano

Raoul Steve Barton Tim Martin Gleason
Carolotta Giudicelli Rosemary Ashe Judy Kaye Elena Jeanne Batman

Geena Jerrfies Mattox

Madame Giry Mary Millar Leila Martin Rebecca Spencer
Meg Giry Janet Devenish Elisa Heinsohn Brianne Kelly Morgan
Monsieur Richard Firmin
Monsieur Gilles Andre
Ubaldo Piangi

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