Wicked is a musical based on the 1995 novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of Oz, the plot begins before Dorothy arrives in Oz and tells the story of Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Galinda (Glinda the Good Witch).


Act 1

  • "Overture" -Orchestra, Citizens of Oz and Glinda
  • "No One Mourns the Wicked" -Glinda, Citizens of Oz, Elphaba's Mother, Elphaba's Father, Midwife, Salesman
  • "Elphaba's Entrance" -Orchestra
  • "Dear Old Shiz" -Students (Ensemble) and Galinda
  • "Jeweled Shoes" -Orchestra, Elphaba (Speaking), Elphaba's Father (Speaking), Nessarose (Speaking)
  • "Let Her Go!" -Orchestra
  • "The Wizard and I" -Madame Morrible and Elphaba
  • "What is this Feeling?" -Galinda, Elphaba, and Students
  • "Something Bad" -Doctor Dillamond, Elphaba, Madame Morrible (Speaking)
  • "Into Courtyard" -Orchestra
  • "Dancing Through Life" -Fiyero, Boq, Nessarose, Madame Morrible (Speaking), Galinda, Pfannee (Speaking), Shenshen (Speaking)
  • "The Ozdust Dance" -Orchestra, Boq, Nessarose, Madame Morrible (Speaking), Galinda, Pfannee (Speaking), Fiyero (Speaking)
  • "Elphaba's Dance" -Orchestra and Students (Ensemble)
  • "Popular" -Galinda and Elphaba (Speaking)
  • "After Popular" -Orchestra
  • "Save the Lion" -Orchestra
  • "I'm Not That Girl" -Elphaba
  • "The Wizard and I" (Reprise) -Elphaba, Madame Morrible, Conductor (Speaking), Nessarose (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking), Boq (Speaking)
  • "One Short Day" -Elphaba, Glinda, Citizens of the Emerald City/Show Chorus (Ensemble), Palace Guard (Speaking)
  • "I Am Oz" Oz Head/Wizard (Speaking), Elphaba (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "A Sentimental Man" -Wizard, Elphaba (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "Monkey Reveal" -Elphaba, Madame Morrible (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking), Wizard/Head, Guards (Speaking)
  • "Defying Gravity" -Elphaba, Galinda, Guards, Citizens of Oz (Ensemble)

Act 2

  • "Act 2 Opening" -Orchestra, Ensemble, Galinda (Speaking)
  • "Thank Goodness" (Part 1) -Galinda, Crowd (Ensemble), Madame Morrible, Fiyero (Speaking)
  • "Thank Goodness" (Part 2) -Galinda, Madame Morrible, Fiyero (Speaking), Crowd (Ensemble)
  • "Thank Goodness" (Part 3) -Galinda, Crowd (Ensemble)
  • "After Thank Goodness" -Orchestra, Boq (Speaking)
  • "There's Elphaba!" -Orchestra, Elphaba (Speaking)
  • "Wicked Witch of the East" (Intro) -Nessarose (Speaking), Elphaba (Speaking)
  • "Wicked Witch of the East" -Nessarose, Elphaba, Boq
  • "Ballroom Transition" -Orchestra
  • "Wonderful" -Wizard, Elphaba
  • "Set Free the Monkeys" -Elphaba (Speaking), Wizard (Speaking)
  • "Dillamond Discovered" -Elphaba (Speaking), Wizard (Speaking), Guard (Speaking), Doctor Dillamond (Speaking/Bleating), Fiyero (Speaking)
  • "I'm Not That Girl" (Reprise) -Wizard (Speaking), Madame Morrible (Speaking), Galinda
  • "As Long As You're Mine" -Elphaba, Fiyero
  • "The Cyclone" Orchestra, Elphaba (Speaking), Fiyero (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "Fiyero!" -Orchestra, Galinda (Speaking), Guard (Speaking)
  • "No Good Deed" -Elphaba
  • "March of the Witch-Hunters" Ensemble, Boq, Lion, Galinda (Speaking), Madame Morrible (Speaking), Elphaba (Speaking)
  • "The Letter" -Orchestra, Elphaba (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "For Good" (Intro) -Elphaba (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "For Good" -Elphaba, Galinda
  • "The Melting" -Elphaba (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking), Ensemble, Chistery (Speaking)
  • "A Sentimental Man" (Reprise) -Wizard, Morrible (Speaking), Galinda (Speaking)
  • "Finale" Galinda, Morrible (Speaking), Ensemble, Scarecrow (Speaking), Elphaba
  • "Bows/Exits" -Orchestra


Original Casts

Characters Broadway


West End


1st National



2nd National



Elphaba Idina Menzel Stephanie J. Block Marcie Dodd
Glinda Kristen Chenoweth Helen Dallimore Kendra Kassenbaum Helen Yorke
Fiyero Norbert Leo Butz Adam Garcia Derrick Williams Colin Donnell
The Wizard Joel Grey Nigel Planer David Garrison Tom McGowan
Madame Morrible Carole Shelley Miriam Margolyes Carol Kane Marilyn Caskey
Boq Christopher Fitzgerald James Gillian Logan Lipton Ted Ely
Nessarose Michelle Federer Katie Rowley Jones Jenna Leigh Green Kristene Reese
Doctor Dillamond William Youman Martin Ball Timothy Britten Parker David DeVries


Eden Espinosa Kerry Ellis N/A Carrie Manolakos


Laura bell Bundy Annalene Beechey N/A N/A

Current Casts

Characters Broadway Munchkinland


(2nd National Tour)

West End International Tour
Elphaba Jennifer DiNoia Jessica Vosk Willemijn Verkaik Jacqueline Hughes
Glinda Kara Lindsay Amanda Jane Cooper Suzie Mathers Carly Anderson
Fiyero Michael Campayno Jeremy Woodard Oliver Savile Bradley Jaden
The Wizard Peter Scolari Fred Applegate Mark Curry Steven Pinder
Madame Morrible Sheryl Lee Ralph Isabel Keating Sue Kelvin Kim Ismay
Boq Zachary Noah Piser Andy Mientus Idriss Kargbo Iddon Jones
Nessarose Dawn E. Cantwell Kristin Martin Sarah McNicholas Emily Shaw
Doctor Dillamond Michael Genet Chad Jennings Martin Ball Steven Pinder


Alyssa Fox Emily Schultheis Alice Fearn Jodie Steele


Ginna Claire Mason N/A Carina Gillespie N/A